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Premier League Yanker

Jul 29, 2020

Project Restart was a success! It was a wild and crazy Championship Sunday with clubs (Watford, Bournemouth, and Villa) fighting to avoid relegation, and other clubs determining Champions League and Europa competitions. 

On today's episode: 

  • Victor hands out his 1st Annual End-of-the-Season awards for Club of the Restart, Player of the Restart, and Womp Womp Moment of the Restart
  • The High Five is back highlighting Championship Sunday and its 5 most intriguing matches and storylines.
  • Premier League Yanker segment spotlighting Victor's Player of the Week, Club of the Week, and WOMP WOMP Moment of the Week
  • This week's Teach-a-Yanker, Victor breaks down the rules of promotion and relegation
  • Farewell to an English football legend
  • and....The Premier League season may be over for now but Victor Salazar will still be here during its very short off-season! 

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