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Premier League Yanker

Jul 29, 2020

Project Restart was a success! It was a wild and crazy Championship Sunday with clubs (Watford, Bournemouth, and Villa) fighting to avoid relegation, and other clubs determining Champions League and Europa competitions. 

On today's episode: 

  • Victor hands out his 1st Annual End-of-the-Season awards for Club of the...

Jul 20, 2020

Arsenal and Tottenham Shine. The race for Champions League gets tighter and time is ticking for Villa and Bournemouth. Plus Tom Seymour from Sheffield United News joins the show.

Jul 14, 2020

Disappointment, hope, and unpredictability run rampant this week. In episode 7, host Victor Salazar is fired up!

  • Manchester City beats the ban - what does it mean for the future of European football? and how does it change the landscape of the Premier League Table and positions that qualify for European competition

Jul 8, 2020

After taking time off to celebrate America's birthday, Yanker Vic is back with: 

  • The High Five is back highlighting Week 32 & 33's 5 most intriguing matches and storylines.
  • Premier League Yanker segment spotlighting Victor's Player of the Week, Club of the Week, and WOMP WOMP Moment of the Week
  • The 3 Must-Watch...